Mount Redoubt, Alaska

Photo of Mount Redoubt during an eruption.

Thar She Blows!

I took this photo in March of 2009 when I was driving back to Anchorage from Homer where I had been photographing bald eagles.  Mount Redoubt erupted several times that month.

My trips to Alaska have always been for the purpose of photographing wildlife.  Of course, Alaska is also well known for its beautiful landscapes.  I’m feeling the need to go again — to photograph some of its great landscapes.  If you’d like a print of this image you can order one by clicking here.


About Jim Coda

I am a nature photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in photos of birds, mammals, and landscapes.
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2 Responses to Mount Redoubt, Alaska

  1. Pat Ulrich says:

    This is really awesome, Jim! The colors are outstanding, and it’s incredible to see the silhouette of an erupting volcano.

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