Old Saint Hilary’s Church; Tiburon, California


This is a photo of Old Saint Hilary's Church with Angel Island, Alcatraz and San Francisco in the background.

Old Saint Hilary’s Church, Tiburon, California

This is another photo from the same spot as yesterday’s photo.   It was taken moments earlier and with a wider field of view.  Historic Old Saint Hilary’s Church is in the foreground.  It was built in 1888.  Local citizens bought the property in 1959 after the Catholic Church deconsecrated it and was about to demolish it.  It is owned now by the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society and is used for weddings and other memorable events.  Between the church and San Francisco are Angel Island and Alcatraz Island.  The area around the church is known for its wildflowers.


About Jim Coda

I am a nature photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in photos of birds, mammals, and landscapes.
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