Bald Eagle Recovery Anniverary

Photo of a bald eagle soaring over Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

A bald eagle soars over Kachemak Bay.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s announcement that the bald eagle had recovered and would be removed from the list of Threatened and Endangered Species.  It had been listed since 1967, first as an endangered species, and later as a threatened species.  The main reason for its listing was the wide-spread use of DDT which had caused thinning of egg shells.


About Jim Coda

I am a nature photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in photos of birds, mammals, and landscapes.
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2 Responses to Bald Eagle Recovery Anniverary

  1. Pat Ulrich says:

    I love this shot, Jim! The background color is just awesome! A great celebration of the eagle as well — it’s always nice to hear conservation success stories.

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