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10 Responses to Contact

  1. John Bressie says:

    Amazing work Jim… I sent you an email short while ago.

  2. maggie g. says:

    Your photos are gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing them on your site… love them all!

  3. Charlotte Crackbon says:

    Hi Jim, I finally got to spend some time looking at your website and now your blog area. I’m from
    SF, born and raised so I especially love the first picture of the Golden Gate and the coastal shots
    of the Lighthouse etc. Now I just saw some of the babies with Moms Love them also. The Wolf
    is beautiful too, I just couldn’t pick a favorite too many of them for me. I will look over all again
    soon, what a joy to see, must be why we met by chance at Lilly’s otherwise I wouldn’t have know about your work. It was a monthly lunch we do we all worked together years ago and just happened to go to Petaluma, usually we eat in Novato. Charlotte C.

  4. klaus says:

    Hi Jim, great blog, nice written, interesting text! Thank’s

  5. Jeff W says:

    Hi Jim, we are enjoying your photos. Glad to hear you are seeing more bears. The Marin weather has been crazy. Rained really hard yesterday with more due tomorrow.

    I went to see the owls today but it seems the parents have moved them to a high and safe spot. This last weekend the ranchers did a roundup and I’m sure that is what scared the owls.

    Just noticed two bits of dust, one pretty big, inside of my 80-400. Seems they were left inside when repaired. They move around and I guess that is why I did not see them before. Waiting for a RA label from Nikon.

    • jimcoda says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the photos and the blog. Too bad about the dust in your lens. Hopefully, they’ll turn it around quickly.


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