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Black Bear Cub of the Year (“COY”), Yellowstone National Park

This is a good time to be in Yellowstone to see bear cubs.  While I enjoy photographing all cubs, the spring cubs, also known as cubs of the year, or “COYs,” are the cutest.  Spring cubs are tiny.  How tiny?  … Continue reading

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Black Bear Spring Cub, Yellowstone National Park

I can’t wait to get to Yellowstone this spring.  This little spring cub (AKA “cub of the year” or “COY”) is one reason why.

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Black Bear Sow and Cub, Yellowstone National Park

A black bear sow and her spring cub take a rest near Calcite Springs.  I saw them several times in mid May between Calcite Springs and Tower Falls.  I wonder if the sow is a descendant of that well-known and … Continue reading

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